Each week we get the incredible blessing and privilege of coming together as believers to  WORSHIP God together for who he is and what he has done. And while there are so many different ways to worship (both together with others and as individuals throughout the week), in the spirit of Psalm 150 we bring our instruments, voices, and songs before the Lord together each week in our gathering. Those members of our body who lead that each week we call our worship team.

Main Focus

  1. Experience the JOY of awe-filled worship together. (In this sense everyone on a worship team is a lead worshiper).
  2. Experience genuine COMMUNITY with others on the team. (We don't just come for a task, we come for the people).
  3. Experience the privilege of using our GIFTS to bless others in the body when we lead. (We don't come to be on stage - we come to serve).

Our Approach

  1. We're lay-people led. (While we will always have a staff pastor overseeing this area, we want to equip God's people to do the work of ministry in this area each week with their unique gifts).
  2. We try to keep things simple. (Worship shouldn't be complicated, and we want as much focus on CHRIST as possible when we do).
  3. We have a defined style. (Our songs are Christ-centered, modern in style - although hymny at times, and undistracting in quality).



We'd love to the chance to get to know you, your story, and more about your gifts and possible calling into the Worship Ministry at Bethel Church! The simple first step is to fill out the interest form (by clicking the button below). Once you've submitted that form, one of our leadership team members will reach out to you!